An article on why the trading path is simple, but not easy, and also consider a couple of strategies that at least take and use in trading


I think lately there has been quite a lot of theory about what the market is, what trading is and what a trader is (not as a person, but as a mechanism with its own laws of functioning). I am glad if you were interested in reading them. And I’m doubly glad if they helped you get rid of a number of illusions regarding Forex trading.

Let’s go through practice now, or all theory-theory… “Test the strategy”, “become a good trader” now… Believe me, I myself understand how enraged it is to read all this in the beginning and even in the middle the way. Especially about “become a good trader.” It’s just insanity, but seriously: I came to earn money here, I want to understand how to do it. Here is the schedule, here I am, tell me where to buy, where to sell. Tell me how the market works so that I can buy before growth. sell before the fall. And then a wise guy (like me) appears and private: “Dear friend, first you need to figure out what you are, why you act in front of the monitor that way, and you have to learn yourself, in the tester and for free. In the sense that you won’t earn money during this period. ” Here is my word, I understand you very much. This statement of the question is probably freezing. What nonsense and nonsense is secondary. Probably, the wise guy (this is still me in this case) doesn’t know anything and just wants to throw a couple of common abstruse phrases on your ears to make himself such a direct sage.

Such thoughts can be visited, because at the initial stage we have some idea of ​​what “trading” is and how it is taught. It is only based on our dreams and fantasies. Because what else should he be based on if we have no experience at first.

At the initial stage, we have a certain idea of ​​what “trading” is and how they learn it. It is only based on our dreams and fantasies, and not on facts.

Everything seems to be simple…

The analogy is this: imagine that at the initial stage the trader is inside the transparent cube.

He is inside him, but does not understand this, does not see this, and therefore is sure that the cube does not exist. He sees well what is around, and his movements are not constrained by anything. Then he sees the goal – to exit through the door (to make a profit from trading). But in fact, he cannot go out through this door. Because the door is too narrow to pass through with a cube fastened on itself.

And then I appear and say: “dear, first you need to beat against the walls and understand that there is a cube around you. And yes, it does not hamper your movements, because you have not yet been in situations where the cube is obvious. ( For example, one of such situations is getting three losing trades in a row, when uncontrollable instincts enter the stage in the form of a desire to enter in double volume, a desire not to wait for a good entry point, etc.) And then you need to do something to make this cube get rid of. ” But the trader looks at such a person as a ram: “what kind of cube are you, you fool? There’s the door, just tell me how it all goes.”

The beauty of all this is that almost EVERYONE is sure of the absence of this “cube”, despite the fact that they were not really convinced of this)

In general, at first, there is still a slight digression. I hope it helps to understand something.

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