How was it?

They just showed you something like this. They showed a general strategy (not yet trading, but you weren’t too many years to rush). What was next? You got up, then fell. Once again stood up, fell again. They got up, walked a step, fell. Do you understand? )) You probably made the same 500 attempts and LEARNED. Everyone understood it themselves, from their own experience and you didn’t need other people’s interpretations of walking, the theory is different there, etc.

And further. You probably learned to walk not on the pavement, but on something soft so that you don’t get hurt, because you still can’t do it very well. But that didn’t bother you then. You were not ashamed of not being able to learn something and GRADUALLY learning this. And was there certainty about whether you learn to walk? Were you interested in certainty then? No, you just saw that it was possible, and then you just did it.

With trading, of course, it’s more difficult to “see” – few people demonstrate their skills online, but you can find them if you wish. It will take a search engine and 1 minute of time.

In short, the problem with the simple and direct path is that our brains are knowledge-oriented. Now I don’t know – I’m stupid, but I’ll find out (for example, how to distinguish a trend from a correction) – I will become smart and everything will be fine. I will always distinguish them and get rich. The brain considers theoretical knowledge something valuable. Carry out an experiment and look at people who know something – they are smart, tend to share their knowledge, i.e. show how smart they are and how much they know, unlike the rest. Knowledge seems to the brain something of value, it is proud of it, it wants to know more. Because it seems that then its owner does not have to be a beginner (what a terrible word, what distorts, right?) And make mistakes, but it will turn out to be right to do everything right away.

The problem with the simple and direct path is that our brains are oriented towards knowledge rather than practice.

On the other hand, the experience does not seem valuable to the brain, so it does not like to develop it. Again, you can’t boast of experience =) And the funny thing is – to start gaining experience, you must first admit that you, as they say, are a complete sucker and are going to change that. But the brain also does not want to recognize itself as a sucker =)

Again, for the sake of the experiment – try to observe your thoughts after reading the above. Pay attention to the negative that you probably feel in the “background” (“Therapist was found”). Where would he come from if no one told you anything bad and didn’t do anything? Please also pay attention to why you supposedly “do not need” to follow all of these tips (“You are another smart guy, confident in your own rightness”), as well as gain experience on your own on a tester and for free, but you need to read about large players, about Super strategies 999% per day and start immediately trading for real money. (“You want to make me do what you said. To make me do what I hate, and it infuriates me. You make fun of what I’m going to do, hinting that it’s bad and how stupid I am”). The brain is very cunning. And he likes to use the pronoun “I” in his thoughts like it’s not him, but you yourself came to all these conclusions. And he is unpleasant that he just wanted to read more about major players, and he is hinted here that this is stupid. And even evidence has been brought before.

And he does not like to be exposed. He is frightened, angry and begins to deny this very exposure. There are thoughts that there was no disclosure and that the author bears garbage and too high an opinion about himself. And it worked with others, but everything is different for you. And that this is nonsense and general phrases that are generally suitable for any person in any situation (a little mutually exclusive, but he does not care). At the same time, your body can be driven into a vicious (vicious) denial (“you are talking about some nonsense now”, “some garbage”) and a negative attitude towards the whistleblower, that is, to me in this case (“you’re bad psychologist ”,“ you have too high an opinion about yourself ”,“ you didn’t succeed, but you probably think that you’ve succeeded, hahaha ”, etc.). But if there was no disclosure, then where does the anger come from? =) If you are a boy, and they will call you a girl – will there be a malicious joy that a person has not guessed? Say hello to this trickster)

I, if anything, do not blame you – everything initially works the same for everyone, and it will take time for you to see its effect on you. He does not like to admit that he is affecting you, because otherwise, he will lose power. He will also deny to the last that these are his thoughts, and not yours. He even dislikes the very idea that something can affect you. Although what is there, if there really is no influence;) If you now feel sarcasm (“some kind of nonsense, a set of words”), negative (“Is this a psychoanalysis session through an article?”) Or consider me pompous and arrogant – try figure out why? After all, no one insulted anyone and did no harm to you. Naturally, your brain will not want to follow my advice, considers them stupid, because I dislike him. And he will tell you that I’m now trying to manipulate you, to force you to follow them all the same. Yes? 🙂

He does not like it when you do what he does not want. He takes revenge for this with unpleasant sensations and thoughts. For the sake of experiment, try, without thinking, download the tester and make 30 transactions on it. This “not thinking” is extremely unpleasant for him. I understand that thanks to him you now feel that I am an “enemy” and I’m confusing you, what would you do? as I said. I have such a cunning plan, but it is not clear why this is for me 🙂 Hammer in these thoughts. I don’t care, I don’t even know if you did it or not. And I won’t get any benefit from your testing. I don’t even give you a ref link so that you can download this tester from it. And he understands this, but still tries to convince you that I am manipulating you for whatever my personal goals are 🙂 It also infuriates me that I laugh at his stupidity and predictability (“Oh, look at yourself”) 🙂 And these emoticons annoy him he considers them stupid, like myself 🙂 And you have the feeling that you think so 🙂 And in his opinion, I just trudge on my own fucking and insight, but actually (and in fact – in his opinion) I guessed nothing. When he feels that he is being seen, he tries to humiliate the whistleblower and rise above him, while denying that he does it. Feel dislike of me? It’s his job. Again, I draw your attention to the fact that I did not give a reason for such an attitude towards me – I did not have insults and negatives in YOUR address. he is trying to humiliate the whistleblower and rise above him while denying that he does it. Feel dislike of me? It’s his job. Again, I draw your attention to the fact that I did not give a reason for such an attitude towards me – I did not have insults and negatives in YOUR address. he is trying to humiliate the whistleblower and rise above him while denying that he does it. Feel dislike of me? It’s his job. Again, I draw your attention to the fact that I did not give a reason for such an attitude towards me – I did not have insults and negatives in YOUR address.

He just doesn’t like it when someone is more cunning than him. Yes, the evil little gnome? 🙂

In general, treat this all just as an experiment. If you want to. Surely he now wants to take revenge on me and launched a plate in your head in the style of “you won’t be able to manipulate me”, “I don’t need to order it here” and “I will decide whether to download or not”. But, as I said above, I do not care if you do it or not. And it is up to you to decide on the outcome. So think and make a decision.

So, I won’t get any money or fame from this. For my part, this is just an offer, if suddenly you want to see and understand the real situation yourself. If you nevertheless try right now to follow my advice – you will see how he will root for you, how he will directly resist this process and will take revenge on you for not obeying him. Spoiled at the same time =) Probably.

Everything is with the lyrics.

For those who read me for the first time, before considering trading strategies, I want to repeat the main points of past articles, the understanding of which will help you to deviate from the direct path to the least extent:

  1. A novice trader (sitting in front of the monitor and looking at the chart) is a lump of instincts, so he will not abide by any rules of the trading strategy and any risk management. The influence of the “unconscious” is too great. As a result, there is no point in risking money at first. More information can be found here (” Typical mistakes of the trader. How to avoid them? “)
  2. The key to understanding trading is not theory, but practice. Yes, it’s more convenient when you initially have the right base and do not look at the graph through the prism of various mythical unproven theories (I will not specify). But if in essence – the basis of a correct understanding will come through 300-500 system (that is, according to the rules of the trading strategy) transactions themselves. The more there are the more complete the understanding. Therefore, for starters, you need to think not about how to make money faster, but about how to trade more with the least losses. Ideally, in the shortest time. You can read about how to do this in the article (“ Demo or price? That’s the question ”)
  3. Professionalism in trading consists of a stable excess of the result of profitable transactions over the result of loss-making transactions. Just profit minus losses. All. How this will be achieved – due to a larger number of profitable trades, due to large profitable and small unprofitable trades, or due to all at once – the second question. Thus, neither guessing the future price movement, nor success in trying to understand the “trend now or correction”, nor the search for traces of the “major player” is professionalism. Because all these are attempts to predict and see what is impossible to predict and see. More details here (“ How are the largest Forex players trading ”) and here (“ Trend or correction? How to distinguish a trend from a correction ”).

And again, IF you want to learn something new and do not mind learning – just try to trade systemically, more and on a demo. Over time, you yourself will understand and see. If you just want to find out the rules of yet another trading strategy, in the hope that here it is “the same” – I do not mind either. The strategies below are quite simple and suitable for traders of any level, and you can trade them on any currency pair at any time of the year.

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