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… but why is it so difficult in the end?

There is such a wise (hehe) phrase: “No one can be taught, but everyone can learn.” Or they also say “experience cannot be passed on.” I know that the optimal way seems like this: I read everything that is; I learn, “how that works here”; I start doing it right right away; I get a […]

… but why is it so difficult in the end? 2

How was it? They just showed you something like this. They showed a general strategy (not yet trading, but you weren’t too many years to rush). What was next? You got up, then fell. Once again stood up, fell again. They got up, walked a step, fell. Do you understand? )) You probably made the […]

Trading Strategy No. 1: The London Explosion, version 1.01.

So, the easiest and most comfortable way to apply the above knowledge is to try to “ride” on triggered automatically pending orders (this also includes stop loss). Those. knowing approximately where they are placed, we place our order in the same direction where the orders we are supposed to stand are. The algorithm of our […]

The bottom line of my selection of 2 forex strategies

The strategies presented here are based on approximately the same phenomenon, which, it seems to me, will not die as long as markets and risk management exist. Therefore, their main advantage is vitality. Understanding the essence of the phenomenon mentioned above, you will be able to create your own strategies later on by the same […]

Forex Gap Trading Part 2

Gap and panic If the gap does not appear in the right direction, then the trader may become discouraged, or even panic. If you trade in currency pairs, then you should not be too afraid of gaps. True, Forex has its drawbacks – it is poorly predicted. In the initial stages of the new bull […]

The variant of the anti-London explosion trading strategy

There is one caveat in strategy # 1: the take-profit value is equal to the distance between the minimum and maximum price. This means that the stop loss in this strategy is equal to take profit. Hence the need for more than 50% of profitable transactions. Specifically, such a need puts pressure on me, I […]

Forex Gap Trading

Where do gaps in forex price come from? What is their nature? Why do they appear? How to work with them? Is there a trading strategy on gaps? A gap on a chart is a gap in price. That is the occurrence of a situation in which there is a significant difference between the closing […]

Forex Gap Trading Part 3

The truths of trading and gaps Economic education trader and gaps. What is the relationship between them? Will economic education help traders identify gaps in advance? No, of course. Experience and intuition can help a trader anticipate the appearance of a gap. Meanwhile, there are no traders who would always bypass the gaps or just […]

Forex Stop Loss and Take Profit

Why do you need to stop loss and take profit on forex? And are they needed at all? This article is about how you want to move take profit closer and move stop loss away. And also about how to stop doing this without much effort. Good afternoon! Let me guess: you are no longer […]

Forex Stop Loss and Take Profit Part 2

3. The essence of stop loss and take profit As you already understood, this is what take profit and stop loss allow to do 🙂 In order not to freeze their use in trade, you need to understand that the outcome of any transaction is ALWAYS probabilistic. The only certainty that the market can give […]

Top 2 “Eternal” Strategies

An article on why the trading path is simple, but not easy, and also consider a couple of strategies that at least take and use in trading Hello! I think lately there has been quite a lot of theory about what the market is, what trading is and what a trader is (not as a […]

Forex Gap Trading Part 4

Gap and advisers Now a lot of advisers are working daily who work on gaps. Almost always, they are programmed to counteract the market – to move after the gap appears in the opposite direction from the gap. This adviser can search for gaps and immediately respond to them. Among the shortcomings of the robot, […]